{Soul food}

The whole day I have a song in my head….
It kept going over and over in my mind, do you have that too?

“Birds flying high… You know how I feel… Sun in the sky… You know how I feel…”
It’s Feeling Good from Nina Simone.
Such a great song to sing out loud while nobody is listening.
While I’m feeling good, I thought, that’s me feeding my soul with something I like to do.
(I love to sing, but honestly, it’s really crappy what I do…. I can not sing a perfect note to save my life).
Soul feeding stuff.
That’s what this is.
It can be something small, like singing a song.
Even seeing a gorgeous photo that will make you smile,
or a friendly chat with someone on the street.
It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you are feeling good,
you are feeding your soul and giving yourself some positive energy.
Cause let’s face it, the world these days has already enough negative and disturbing energy as it is….
So some Soul Food posting will swing it’s way some more again into my blog with simple photo’s or quotes. 
I used to share more positive postings, like the one about That Special Word.
Or the one about Spreading Kindness in New York City.
And since I think we can never have to much happy in our lives, let’s make some more!
First up, Soul Food nr. 1 – What is Love?

Yes, Love has many ways of showing itself.
Caring is one part.
Let’s spread some Love people!
* If you want to listen to Nina’s gorgeous song, click {here}
* Read about a special word? click {here} 
* Watch how kindness is spread in NY city? click {here}
See you soon!

8 thoughts on “{Soul food}

  1. lisaroyhandbags

    Thanks for the positive energy! And happy new year to you – only 10 days late! Slowly gaining strength – maybe we should try to catch up in a week or so…? xo

  2. flowersandhome

    Love quotes and this is an especially beautiful one I had never heard although I do know some WtP quotes but there’s so many, right? ;-)
    Keep quoting!
    En ja, ik kon dit allemaal in het Ned plaatsen maar het staat er nu in het Engels…. hopelijk goed Engels??? ;-)

  3. vintch

    hi maureen! what a gorgeous post:) i am dipping my toes back into blogging and your space was one of the first i visited:) i LOVE nina and this song is so beautiful. hope your day was full of love! have a beautiful, blessed weekend:)


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