The first one this year… {cover your ears}

** {a real warning alert: do not continue reading if allergic to babbling}**

{Better late…}

Picture this…

You walk into a party that started five hours ago and everyone is already chatting away and dancing their socks off.
Guess who comes in late, with a Happy New Year!
And no one hears her or even replies back, because they’re all having a good old time…

Yep, that didn’t happen to me, but I’m not five hours late, but 8 days late…
I would bring it with a big smile on my face though, if you want I can even sing
and do a big HNY dance with it?

When is it too late to say these 3 words?
Each one of them are perfectly fine to use separate from each other…
Happy, as in “Woohoo! I’m so Happy!”
Or New, as in  “I need a New bag”
Even Year would be in “that happened last Year”
Well, you get my point….

If you are thinking, “gosh Maureen, a bit late for this….”
Yes, yes, I know….
But hold on to your panties, because
here is my too-late-but-well-meant-wish-for-you-all:

Happy New Year!!
May it bring good health and lots of laughter!

I said it.

Hello? Anyone still reading?

{13 is the new…}

13 is the new hot number this year!
Because this whole year we will be using it a lot.
Even though no such number exists in elevators here in Dubai, I guess.
Or number 26 for that matter….

I think its a cool number, 13, kind of a “Here I am world, ha!”
So this is my way of saying, Hello 2013!

If only we could send out a letter to an official Year Office.
The YO office, sounds even cooler.
Like children do when they want a new toy (or baby brother), they have someone to send their letter to.
You know who….
(No, not Voldemort…. please!)
Santa Claus, of course.

So if kiddo’s can send out letters with wishes, why can’t we?
If it was possible, I would definitely write a New Years Letter to the YO.
My letter would start with:

Hello Team YO 2013,
A Happy New Year to you! (I know, so not original but effective right? )
I hope you will be treating us as good as your colleagues did in 2012?
They were really good to us and filled our year with lots of good surprises!
Health wise it would be really kind of you, if you could help my dad get 
his strength back some more, you see, 2012 wasn’t doing a good job on that front, 
so thanks in advance!
Also, if not too much to ask, could you ease up with the rain in Holland? 
Really appreciate it, thanks!
I will leave you alone now, I know how busy you guys are in the beginning of the year and all…
Take care now!

Perhaps I should stick with my daily prayers…


Are you still reading?
I know I have to stop now, honestly, sometimes I can go on and on… talking I mean….
Also I have to use the restroom (a.k.a. toilet), I know, totally not relevant to this post,
but hey, this is what I would say to you if you where sitting next to me.

So, Welcome to another fresh year of blogging the Maureen way!
Where I sometimes talk a whole lot and sometimes not so much.

okay, serious need for that restroom now…

See you soon and thanks for reading along!
(oh, and if you are new to this blog: Hi! What’s your name? Welcome to Daydream Living!)


8 thoughts on “The first one this year… {cover your ears}

  1. Debby

    Never too late to say those words. Yes, we should have a place to mail our wishes. Hoping and praying that your father gets better.

  2. Blondie's Journal

    Oh, you are such a doll, Maureen! Happy New Year to you! And wouldn’t it be nice to have an office we could make requests to. I’d say, “Move Maureen closer to me so we can have coffee and chat face to face!” Sound good?


  3. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    No, according to old standards you were NOT late with your Happy New Year wishes as it is still within the octave! Ha, you did it JIT = Just In Time!
    Wishing you all the best for this brandnew year. Indeed, HEALTH is the most important thing.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium

    Hi Maureen,

    I am your latest newbie, and I love your blog! With your happy new year, better late than never, I say…

    Will continue going back in time (through your posts, that is).

    Take care, Tammy ps found you through Ria, isn’t she great?

  5. Kom Achterom

    Heee Maureen dit heeft veel te lang geduurd!!!hoor!!! niet jou nieuwjaarswens maat ons contact jeetje dit is er de laatste maanden totaal bij ingeschoten. Hier super veel veranderingen voor mijn doen dan hhhhhih nieuw werk en extra dag om te werken dus effe wennen het bloggen op een super laat pitje.
    We mailen nog!
    Dikke knuffel

  6. Happy Homemaker UK

    Interesting Dubai number facts :) Happy New Year to you (it’s not too late to say it until February) (plus you’ve been a little busy). Hope you dad gets better soon. Here’s to a new year! XO

  7. Tammy

    Girl, you are so crazy! And because I actually know you as a real life person, I can definitely hear you talking … actually, babbling away, like a brook. Ha! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I figure anytime within the first few weeks of January is a good time to say those three words. Hope your dad gets better soon. As for the rain, that might be stretching it. Hope all is well over there. We have dust today — the kind that just hangs in the air and suffocates. Ugh! Best wishes, Tammy


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