Conversation snippet from this week:

“If you were born a boy, you’re name would be Charlie”.

“Charlie?! Mmmh….. or Jibreel….. or Achmed!”

“Eh….. or Achmed…..”

Almost 6 months we are living in Dubai now and our youngest daughter is talking about names we normally don’t hear.
She even pronouns the ‘ch’ in Achmed with a perfect accent.
Amazing how fast adaption to a different environment can be.

Dubai is a city filled with contradictions.
Colours in interiors versus desert sand coloured houses.
Very rich and very poor people walking the same streets.
Bright lights, big city yet it maintains a small city feeling in so many neighbourhoods.
The list is long and divers and it makes this city a vibrant place to be.
I’m glad we are living here and soaking it all up!

Our apartment is still in need of some more decoration, so when I headed to the bookstore this weekend,
to by a present, I found a great book, full of inspiring photo’s and texts.
And you know when I like something, I like to share it.

Marrakech by Design is filled with colours. But even a white interior lover like myself have to say,
I really like this book! It gave me great inspiration to combine with my white interior, so I bought it as well. It’s filled with great decorating tips and how to’s. I already changed some small things around here, that’s how inspired I am. And the beautiful photo’s give you a peek inside homes filled with Morrocan styles.
You can also go to Maryam’s blog, My Marrakech, her online store Red Thread Souk,
or visit her boutique hotel in Marrakech if you always wanted to go there, Peacock Pavilions.

Yes, we are influenced already by some Arabian names, colours and styles.
And that’s how we roll lately, mixing it all up.
Just the way I like it.

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Influences

  1. Kom Achterom

    ha Maureen!
    jaah heerlijk kleur!! wat een prachtige stoffen hebben ze daar hé. tenminste dat stel ik mij zo voor dan hihihi! Ik ga ook voor de kleur dit keer ja ja echt maar dan wel oerhollands ihhihih ossenbloed rood op de keuken! Vandaag even niet want tjonge jonge wat een weer hier dikke hagelstenen komen er naar beneden op dit moment! ennuh daar is bij jou natuurlijk niets van te merken aan de plaatjes hieronder te zien!
    Zo nu even aan de kook want we eten vroeg vandaag hier! krijg je met van die grieten die afspraakjes maken op onmogelijke tijden en niet met Achmed maar met Ricardo uit Brasilia hihi.
    Thijs is uit de tijd op dit moment.Ach wat is het toch heerlijk alles kan en mag het gaat om de persoon dat is het belangrijkste toch en het is een super leuke krullebol hoor uuh Ricardo dan voor zo lang als het duurt. Verder gaat ze de ijslandse jongens verkennen in april want daar gaat ze 3 maand stage lopen hoe zou die heten????? wahhahahah leuk leuk!
    Nou tot tot he is het weer een lang bericht geworden mailen de volgende keer ja dat zeggen we we steeds maar moeten we toch doen!
    Lieve groetjes en een dikke knuffel voor jullie allemaal daar

  2. Debby

    This has to be so interesting. So enlightening for your children. I have a friend and her two children that are living in Senegal for two years. She documents her day to day adventures on FB . It has been following along. Such different cultures that we would never experience.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    Hi Maureen, it must be fascinating to experience such a different city in the way that you are. How kids adapt so quickly!
    My sister has recently moved to China and is finding it not the easiest to settle in but an amazing opportunity at the same time.
    That Marrakech book is fabulous!

  4. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    Oh, we can envy children with their ability to pick up languages and perfect pronunciations in a whiff. But you will slowly settle in, don’t worry! Building a nest, any nest takes some time and you have to live through all seasons first for knowing what life is about…
    Hugs to you,

  5. Stacey

    How exciting to observe your daughter absorbing the new culture!! That book, I love it and yes I am a reknown colour lover:-). However, I recently painted my kitchen white(was probably possessed when I did that:-)). Enjoy the decorating process. xx

  6. flowersandhome

    Sounds great! You’re settling in and starting to feel ‘at home’ I think from what I read.
    I love colour, on a white canvas though, but couldn’t live without a touch of colour, love to change colours from time to time as well. Looks like a wonderful addition to your bookcase, not to be just in there but out and used for inspiration.

  7. Tammy

    Oh my! That book definitely looks like one I would love! The design, color and architecture of Morocco and the Mediterranean are right up my alley. Did you get rid of all those boxes lining the hallway? :) Hugs, Tammy


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