white and a bit of colour

Oh my good socks,
the days are moving waaaayyy too fast!
They are mostly filled with:
All things wedding related  
(yep, we are in full planning mode here already for our wedding celebration in October, 
right here in Dubai, more soon about this)

All things how-to-make-your-house-a-home related
(think new furniture and big empty walls, 
but I’m slowly but surely making this our 8th home, will show some photo’s soon)

All things kiddo’s related 
(school activities and social lives)
All things lovely visitors related
(so far every month, which is great but time flies more those days)
I truly believe that time is flying too fast lately.
And what do our coloured sofa cushions in the photo have to do with this post?
Absolutely nothing.
I just wanted to show them to you, I have more photo’s coming up soon of what this place looks like,
the place we call our (new) home. And we all love being here, so that’s a good thing.
The cushions are inspiring me to paint one of the big empty walls in the living area,
so today I will see which paint colour is coming home with me.
But first, I have a coffee catch-up date with a fellow blogger, Lisa, 
who I have met last year when we moved here. We live in the same area, go figure!
Sweet Laura introduced me to her, thanks again!
(Who knows if we can meet in May? I happen to be in London then.)
Yes, meeting another blogger in real life is so fun.
I have met Tammy, who lives in Kuwait, twice here in Dubai and we all loved her from the start!
(and yes Tammy, the boxes in the hallway are gone, took your advice, cheers!)
So for now, I’ve got to love you and leave you,
thanks if you are still reading along, 
see you soon!
Oh, and if you look on the bottom of my blog, there is an Instagram slideshow 
of photo’s taken with my Iphone,
so you can have a peek into my daily things.
Bye for now!
* the linen cushions are from Zara Home Dubai *

4 thoughts on “white and a bit of colour

  1. Tammy

    Hey there Maureen! Sure sounds like you are keeping extra busy. Yes, I do agree — the days are going way, way, way too fast. I’m glad to hear you are settling in more and more. Did you choose a paint color? I look forward to seeing all the changes you have made. October is our busy month with the boys both having birthdays and our anniversary on the 20th (19 this year). Have a great weekend. Hugs, Tammy

  2. Stacey

    Yes, pictures please! Visitors every month; you’re one busy lady! I’m yet to meet another blogger in real life, but I imagine that must be so fun!


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