the C for Change

And just like that!

It has been 3 weeks and 2 days since I wrote on my own little blog.
It feels like I left the house to buy some fresh bread and milk and came back three weeks later.
Totally not planned to stay away that long!
This reminds me of the time we literally did the unplanned,
‘we-are-going-on-holiday-and-never-come-back’ move.
Did I ever tell you that story already? 
How we moved to Switzerland from one day to another,
while being on holiday and me being 8 months pregnant? 
Mmmh, will have to share that story in another post.
It’s just how our life rolls.

Now, can you believe we are here in sunny Dubai already for eight whole months! 
And ask me how much time I spend in a gym….
I think about it daily, does that count?

In the mean time,
behind the scenes I am writing, just in drafts, just some thoughts….
Change is coming for my little blog.
My little corner, here in Blogland which I still love, but have neglected lately.
That has to change, so behind the scenes I’m working on it.
Hope you will be there when it is time for show and tell?

Speaking of change, I still haven’t showed you around our newest home.
I only have 2 Iphone pictures to share, showing the living room via the mirror in our hallway.
When I have my new computer, which can hold my many pictures without crashing,
I can start showing some more photo’s. Because this oldie is almost dying on me.

Our newest nest is another apartment and this time we didn’t choose the small size.

(in Switzerland we downsized half the size after 3 years, that’s also another story to share).
No, this time we ended up with a 250 square meter open floor plan apartment.
It’s light and modern with two great views and six (6!) areas where one can take a pee…
I know…. That’s the Dubai style, I guess….

Although in Texas we also had 4 toilets….
Our second home in Switzerland had one (1!) toilet and our family bathroom was so small,
that I could touch both sides of the walls when I opened my arms.
For real.

Okay….enough toilet talk…
(Although I still have an old post in draft about my toilet visit in Lyon, France, 
from two years ago. There they actually have a Toilet Store….)
See, so many things still to share here!

More importantly is that here we feel
At Home.

Although it’s funny that people are always surprised when they see how big this apartment is.
Somehow it is still in people’s mind, that apartment living equals small.
And small is not the norm here.
But let me tell you something….


Really, it doesn’t.
Home is literally where the heart is.
Not, home is how big your house is.

So we choose high rise apartment over big villa compound living. 
Beach strolls over garden lounge.
Noise and traffic over quiet and further out.
Tourists watching over neighbour watching.

Because after five quiet years in a small and pretty but oh so quiet village in Switzerland,
it was time for us city dwellers from Amsterdam to feel part of a city again. 
And if you know me personally or have been reading along for a while, 
you know that living near the sea was on my wish list.
Remember my guest post I wrote for Reverie Daydream? **

So we were very lucky to find this place.
Living between the sea and the desert,
I’m loving it!
Yes, the C for Change.
It’s my only constant factor in this expat life of ours.

See you soon,


** Click {here} to read my guest post for Reverie Daydream.

8 thoughts on “the C for Change

  1. flowersandhome

    Your life reads like one big adventure! Love it!
    O, we have two toilets by the way;-) one of which the lid broke off yesterday, so really just one for the moment, that’s fully usable anyway….
    I would love to live near a beautiful beach as well. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

  2. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    I think that thinking about the gym daily really does count!
    It’s lovely to see your post pop up, and of course I will be ready for show and tell any time you’re ready Maureen. I can’t believe you have been in Dubai eight months already – time flies when you’re having fun, and you definitely sound happy! xx

  3. Stacey

    Oh I love the little snippets of your home. Yes indeed, one is where the heart is… Excited to see what you have up your sleeves! Xx

  4. maureen at Cottage 960

    Just stopped by to say hello, from one Maureen to another. Will swing by again to see what your big reveal is all about. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

  5. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart. So fabulous to hear from you again. As always. Like Amanda, I’m looking forward to seeing the pics. Most eagerly. J x

  6. Tammy

    Things are looking lovely over there. You should just get out and walk. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks and have already lost several kilos. Plus I totally revamped my eating yet again. I know so many people who pay for gym memberships and then never go. I will walk as long as the weather cooperates. Enjoy time with your guests. Tammy

  7. Melissa

    My lovely M- you sound sooo happy and sooo aware that life abroad means one has to embrace Change- we both know this first hand, don’t we!!?

    I’m soo excited for you and all that is happening in that big ol apartment of yours- and yes I remember the post and how I felt reading it…how we talked of meeting on a beach somewhere in the world….sigh…maybe we will!

    Did you get my email- Friday talk??

    Love M xx

  8. Chuzai Living

    Your place looks fabulous!! How nice! You do get a big space in Texas… I also read about your more recent post about silence. I totally relate to what you wrote. I have gone through that a lot from May till August. I think it’s good to take a step back. Take your time!!


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