An enormous gigantic….


yes, that’s what I hear, entering my little blog.

An enormous gigantic silence….

But sometimes that is a good thing,
At least this one is.
It’s a good silence.

You see, there are times,
like these past weeks,
that, no matter what you promise yourself,
there just isn’t enough time in the day to sit down
and share what is going on here, behind the scenes….

Blogging on this lovely little corner of mine,
has taken a big step back.
there are reasons for all this silence…

By the end of a full day, I stop and think of what to share here,
but I simply fall a sleep…

Our blank living room wall, waiting for the next step….
I can say this though…
I love to blog and will come back
in a not too long distance from today.

But behind the scenes, my daily life at the moment needs my full attention,
right here, right now…
All is well, most of the time, but focus is needed,
so when the dust is more settled, I will explain.
Like our blank living room wall, which is patiently waiting for a change,
change will come too for this little blog of mine,
yes it will…
And when it does, I hope you are here reading along,
because the old chatty Maureen is still here, no worries,
but if I could tape another 24 hours after the end of the week,
I would….
Take care, embrace these summer days with your loved ones
and I will shout when I am back.

One thought on “An enormous gigantic….

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