From me, To you

* Warning: this is a good old fashion long post again, just so you know….

The beginning of August already, time flies again so fast!
What have I been up to all this time?

Well, there were some not so nice real life issues and some fun issues. Like I always say, my life feels like a roller coaster ride….
Up and Down we go. When it is the right time, I will share some more what’s going on behind the scene’s.

For those of you who are also on Instagram with me, you know a little where I have been.
But if you are not or new on this blog, here is a quick update and Welcome!
(Photo’s on the bottom, I’m typing with one finger on my phone so please bear this lay-out!)

Since my girls started their long 11 weeks Summer break from school half of June, we have divided our time between staying home in Dubai for the first 3 weeks, filling time with goodbye parties,
last minute birthday parties, all not simultaneously of course and some pj mornings.
Dubai is really hot and sticky in the Summer, so we stayed more inside then out.

Then we were off together with Sweetheart, to be with our families in Amsterdam.
In between we took the super speedy train to Paris for a great 5 day stay, together with his sister and her family. And one can’t go to Paris and not stop to visit Mickey & Friends, so we hopped to Eurodisney as well. We all really enjoyed this trip!

After this, another week filled to the top in Amsterdam for us girls while Sweetheart had to fly back and forth for work and then back home to Dubai for a short work/back home stop.
Are you still reading? Good!

After flying to Europe and flying back to the Middle East, our little foursome stepped on another plane, to Asia, for our FQTT.
(Family Quality Time Together), a.k.a. family holiday.

And that brings me to were we are now, in Thailand. The first time for all of us and it is a beautiful country with so many friendly people. By the way, we have seen more animals, small and big, in the last couple of days then in one year living in Dubai. We even have… wait for it… Rain!
Yep, real rain showers and we don’t care, since rain is scarce in Dubai.
Hot drops falling from the sky, beautiful!

So why am I blogging in the middle of our FQTT, in the early hours on my iPhone?

Well, first, I have wifi now, so better make use of this. It can disappear any moment again.
Second, we have a hard time getting into this time zone, so the nights feel more as early evenings.

But most of all, I am grateful for my readers! For the people who come here to read my blog.
Some of you are reading along since I started in 2010. How cool is that!

In four days, on August 5th, I’m marking my third year of blogging, whoop whoop!!
3 years of sharing bits of my life with like minded people and making friends along the way. If you could see me now, a Grateful, happy, smiling Maureen here people!
So yes, I am a lucky girl to have such lovely people coming here still and some new faces as well.

I can see how many clicks there are on my blog, even though my blogging has been sooo slow these last couple of months. (I might have to chance my name to Snail Living or so).
Still, there are people hopping by to read. And my commenting system is sometimes not working and sometimes it does. No clue why or how, but for now it is not relevant.

Just seeing people still coming by to check, {what the heck happened to Maureen?! },
I’m really grateful about that!
So if you are one of my Daydream Living readers, Thank You So Much!
And know this, there are more posts coming!

Ok, time to make some much needed tea. Or better yet, go to sleep, it’s really late here now.
Enjoy the Summer or Winter, depending where you are.
I will chat soon some more but like I said before, change is coming.

Over and out, with a smile, from me to you,


** To see more photo’s please visit me on Instagram, @daydreamliving. **

6 thoughts on “From me, To you

  1. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    So glad to read you again. Sorry I have not been that active on Instagram lately… Can’t keep up with all the social media at once. Here at home lots of things are going on and I hope (dream) that in two weeks we will have tackled it ALL.
    Enjoy Thailand. Pieter has been there but I only made it to the airport for a stop-over from Jakarta. I do have a sweet Thai friend here in Dublin and oh, both of us are addicted to the hot spicy Thai food. That’s where our boss took us always out for dinner in Jakarta. You are a gypsy like we were before. With 63 trips to The Netherlands in 30 years and over 1,500,000 miles in the air each. Now it is less. We plan on going in February for my Mom’s 90th Birthday; God permitting her to stay alive. She is on kidney dialysis and she’s already way over the expected time to live for her age. But she might be an exception. Family is important and also for your own peace of mind. We all have to age one day and with a good feeling that we’ve done all we could.
    Enjoy your special FQTT (LOVE this) and oh, for such wet monsoon rain you could have come to Georgia. We have to think about building the Ark of Noah… can’t walk on the lawn, so soggy and everything is wet and muddy. Grrrrrrrrrr no summer for day dreaming. BUT who knows we get a terrific Indian summer as a bonus.
    Tight hug and keep going; chin up and all smile.

  2. flowersandhome

    Plane in, plane out, vacation here, vacation there, you MUST be a happy girl and your kids as well. My daughter(14), the youngest in our family would love, love, LOVE to go somewhere by plane, but that’s just not that obvious around here.
    Looking forward to see MORE!!!!
    Tja, kon ‘t ook in het Nederlands gezegd hebben besef ik nu…. ;)
    Ik ben er niet zo mee bezig maar omdat je er over begon, nam ik eens een kijkje en ik ben ook zo ongeveer drie jaar aan ‘t bloggen, begonnen in juli 2010. We zetten door hé!?

  3. Happy Homemaker UK

    Dearest Maureen, always so good to hear from you! We have been traveling a bit to see family & such too. School starts in two weeks – how we are hanging on to every bit of summer! We went to The Neatherlands twice this year to see Amsterdam and then for the tulips – I must have lived there in a previous life, as I really connected with it. Enjoy the rain, sun, and everything in between. Congratulations on your anni!

  4. It's me

    Heerlijk dat je het allemaal kan en mag doen toch?……geniet van de zomer…liefs vanuit een heel warmmmmm Nederland….34 graden…!….in schaduw…!…x!


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