So long, farewell, auf wieder sehen, adieu….. It’s time for a Change!

*Warning: if you suffer from long post syndrome, please step away from this one, thank you*.

Before I start….
How many of you were actually reading the title with the Sound of Music melody in mind?
It’s ok, I will not tell a soul…

Okidoki…. Where to begin?

How does one find the words for a last post?

*Yep, this is my last post in Blogger*

Although I always will be grateful that Blogger has given me the platform to blab away, all for free,
it is time for a change.

How easy it was to start my blog 3 years ago….
Simply follow the instructions…
How foolish I was…

This little blog of mine was just a place where I could give my many dancing thoughts a home.
But it was the technical part that was giving me a headache!
Writing was simple, but how I had to put the pictures right in the middle or adjust the blog to have a fancier outfit? That was all new to me.
But I liked Blogger, still do. So I explored Blog Land where I have met so many friendly people. Genuine kind souls and uplifting women. And so many were living the same kind of crazy normal lifestyle we do!
So I am super glad I have started Daydream Living!
And what makes my smile grow even bigger, is that my blog does not have a gazillion readers, but the people who are reading it, for the most part they are still the same people since 2010!
I connected with strangers and made friends.

Still, I have two reasons for leaving Blogger.

*Numero uno:
Behind the scenes, I am planning and working on another project for a while now….

Yep, besides moving to a new country with one husband and two girls,
arranging our surprise legal signing in Amsterdam while living in Switzerland,
dealing with some big family problems back home,
cancelling our wedding in Amsterdam 2 months before the date,
and planning our wedding celebration for the last 11 months here in Dubai,
I thought, Why Not?
Let’s start something new!

Call me crazy.
But crazier things have happened to me and when a good idea pops into my head,
I smile and start taking notes. Cause the Universe has a plan, I believe this for real.
So why argue about timing, right?
I will talk about this new project soon, I promise.

So, since I like to keep my thoughts and projects all in the same household,
I have decided to move my blog to a WordPress hosted site of my own.

*Numero dos:
Daydream Living belongs to the Google family, which is one of my favourite families.
But…. (there is always a But….)
This little blog, my little corner in the world wide web, is something that is mine.
My words. My thoughts. My views and 98 % of the photo’s are mine as well.
And when me and my daughter came up with the word combination Daydream Living in 2010, there wasn’t another blog with the same name, (besides the one from a man and his airplane love who had closed down his site). Nowadays there are a couple sites with the same name and they are not mine, nor do I have anything to do with them or do I want to. But I can see how it confuses people.

I want it to really be mine.
Without having to think that it will be shutdown by Google, or due to someone’s trigger happy finger on a ‘delete’ button…. it has happened to other bloggers, just poof…
a whole blog, years of words and photo’s….. everything just gone….
I literally would cry.
Loud and Long.
With Snot dripping and believe me…
Not a pretty sight…
Nobody wants to see snot running from my nose, so to take matters into my own hands,
I contacted Brandi.

(Now, if this was a movie, the music would swell up and you would sit up straight).

Brandi Bernoskie.

She is the one who I begged asked for help, since my technical part is not working at will or randomly.
And she said Yes! I did a Happy Dance and she promised to hold my hand.
She did and she still does.

So, as of Monday next week, you can stop by for a drink or two at my old/new .com place:

This is what I learned in Thailand this summer: ‘same same, but different’.
That is the lovely part of this,  my name stays the same but you have to add ‘blog’ behind it.

With Brandi helping me along the new road in WordPress hosted country, my old/new blog still needs some decoration, some fresh & fruity Maureen words AND… hold on to your panties….
there might even be a photo of me on it…. I honestly don’t like seeing myself on photo’s so fingers crossed the photo’s work out fine.

I also have plenty to share about our 2 day wedding celebration from 2 weeks ago.
It was great! Twists and all!

I start over at the WP family as of this Monday, the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

Yep, the crazy day some will say.
11 is the crazy number and guess which words have 11 letters in them?
English: crazynumber
Dutch: gekkengetal

So, that’s settled then. In both languages.

*Big virtual hugs to all my old readers!*

See you soon!


Starting on my own 
from 11/11/2013 on:

8 thoughts on “So long, farewell, auf wieder sehen, adieu….. It’s time for a Change!

  1. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Lieve Maureen,
    Zeg je weet toch wel hoe je je posts kunt exporteren zodat je ze allemaal kun saven…?
    Voordat je ‘m delete, wel dóen hoor! Zónde van dat ‘snot-moment’… dus voorkomen is beter dan helen.
    Een dikke knuffel en jullie hebben een hele drukke periode achter de rug.

  2. Beth

    So many emotions and smiles in this post Maureen. (…and yes, I did sing along the title!) I’m so glad that you are not leaving the blogging world completely. Reading your posts is exactly like catching up and chatting to a friend. I look forward to the new/same Daydream Living.
    Have a great weekend and see you back here next week

  3. flowersandhome

    Echt waar? Blogs gewoon ‘poef’ en alles weg???? Neen, zou ik toch ook niet willen meemaken.
    Ook al is wat ik te vertellen heb helemààl niet zo interessant als wat jij ons allemaal vertelt over wat je meemaakt en waar op deze wereldbol je naartoe trekt. Goh, neen, dan is dat kleine blogje van mij met die alledaagse dingetjes, haha, echt wel lachwekkend, dus als dat nu ‘poef’ zou zeggen, dan lig alleen ik daar wat nachten wakker van, zal ik maar denken ;)
    Ik blijf je natuurlijk volgen daar op wordpress. Vraag me af hoe het er zal gaan uitzien. Héél benieuwd!
    Lieve groet,

  4. flowersandhome

    You got me reading up a bit on wordpress as well and I must say, it sounds exciting, it’s a bit like ‘moving places’ isn’t it? Something new. I like the extra features that are possible and well, just the change, something different. And why am I writing in English terwijl dat ook in het Nederlands kan ;) Wie weet verander ik ook wel naar WordPress, who knows, onlangs had ik best wat problemen met Blogger enne tja, het is eens wat nieuws. Vind ook zo’n adres à la www. enz…. wel leuk. Ik ontdek een hele nieuwe en andere blogwereld. Thanks!

  5. Melissa

    Yipppeeeee…..soooo happy for you and now you have me thinking long and hard!!!

    Message me when you have a moment…love and friendship!!

    M xxx

  6. Binti Home Blog

    Ik ga je uiteraard volgen op je nieuwe blog! Voor de zekerheid exporteer ik mijn blog zodat ik altijd een back up heb, wat zou dat vreselijk zijn als je blog in 1x weg is! Ik ben erg benieuwd hoe je bruiloft was en we houden even contact!


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