*25 days in December*


xmas1b*My Daydream Living Xmas Countdown Calender-2013*


With most things in my life,

they don’t always go as planned…

I already started my countdown calender on Instagram, a photo a day, but it occured to me that not everyone has an IG account.  So, a little bit later then planned, (see?) but here we go!

I’m counting the days (forwards, not backwards, in numbers) till Xmas & the New Year.

But I’m most excited to count to the launch of The Moksi Homes. (now only 34 more days!)

Now, if you receive my Daydream Living posts via email, you will perhaps have noticed yesterday, that the link forwarding you to The Moksi Homes was broken.

I made a typo… My Bad!

Here is the correct link: www.themoksihomes.com

Click away, sign up if you want and tell your friends as much as you like! I also linked all the TMH’s in this post (TMH is the short version, I will use this a lot).

This countdown period is the pre-start, the launch is set on January 7, 2014.

More about TMH soon!

I made these photo’s (see below) on Instagram (IG), but if you are not on IG, no worries!

On the right side bar here on the blog, you can see my IG pictures floating by, you only can’t read what I wrote. But the good news is, you don’t need a fancy pants phone to read along as well, just go to we.stagram and search for my site name(s) and you can read along as well. Voila!

I’m not writing daily on my blog, but you will find me writing and posting photo’s daily on Instagram. If you’re looking for me, just type @daydreamliving or @themoksihomes.

Hope you will have a good rest of the week, here in Dubai the weekend starts on Thursday afternoon, I’m looking forward to it!

See you tomorrow, 5th day in December!

Maureen xx

*Day 1 – start of the countdown*

feather mc-countdown-tmh


*Day 2 – sunshine & warm plaid*




*Day 3 – the pre-start of The Moksi Homes & the end of day 3, it was a good day*

TMH logo-GKquote2013c




*Day 4 – *Always, Follow your Dreams*



** Sleep well everyone! **






One thought on “*25 days in December*

  1. Mariette's Back to Basics

    Dearest Maureen,
    Thanks, this is my last comment and I hit the mattress and under the down duvet off to dreamland…
    Will study your Moksihomes later.
    Hugs to you this year is slipping through our hands as fine sand… desert sand.


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