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Most people who just had their wedding party, would like to kiss & tell straight away

and share a thing or two about it.

If you know me, sharing is what I Love to do; my wedding draft notes

(yep, more than one)  are almost ready to be posted, but first…

I have to share something else….

Remember when I talked about my project?

The one that was in the planning & making for a couple of months now?

To be more precise, it’s been in the making since April this year, so almost 9 months.

It feels almost like having another baby, only for this one I have no poop to clean up.

So,  tomorrow, December 3rd,

I will share with you what it is, that’s making me so nervous and happy at the same time!

Come back here on the blog or on Instagram, @daydreamliving to read more.

Honestly, I’m nervous about this….

But since I like to fly by the seat of my pants, here we go!

Let’s Countdown, first till Christmas & the New Year and then I shall countdown, hopefully with many of my Daydream Living readers, to the start of the new project!

See you tomorrow!


Maureen xx




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