* Day 5 in December *

CCC6-25*Christmas Countdown Calendar – DDL 2013*

The days are really flying by oh so fast again.

Today in the Netherlands, people celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ pakjesavond, a Dutch festivity, with presents for the kids.

We don’t really celebrate it, but still it is a good thing Sinterklaas¬†also knows how to find Dutch children, even all the way in Dubai….. A big chocolate letter they were very happy with, was a good present.

My girls both have their birtdday’s end of October, and they always receive presents.

And 5 weeks later Sinterklaas is here and then his big brother Santa Claus is coming to town!

IMG_7970*Dutch chocolate letter, Day 5 in December*

Let’s give each other more presents that are not wrapped with paper,

but ones that only can be felt with the heart, as well. 

See you in the morning for Day 6!


Maureen xx

One thought on “* Day 5 in December *

  1. Mariette's Back to Basics

    Dearest Maureen,
    You say it so well; gifts that don’t need wrapping… kindness, warmth and love go a long way.
    Can’t wait to eat my bittersweet letter M with some coffee!
    Those letters make Sinterklaas come alive, no matter where you are in the world.
    Hugs to you,


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