*Day 6 & 7 in December *

notesTMH *Day 6 in December*  “my notes for the new website”

We have our Winter time now here in Dubai, which means the afternoons are still very warm and sunny, around 27C, so lovely days to enjoy the outdoors.

I’m indoors lately, between the school runs for my girls, preparing for The Moksi Homes, and yesterday the first photo shoot was made. It was at a lovely home, here in Dubai and it went good! I can’t share anything yet, but will after the opening of the website.

IMG_8053*Day 7  in December*  “starting with good coffee”

Before we went to the first shoot of TMH, we enjoyed a good cup of coffee at this new cool place, called Tom & Serg. It has a great vibe from the moment you step inside; it has high windows, industrial walls, a big blackboard, white tiles, while you are seated on white Thonet cafe chairs. The sugar came in a mini mason jar and the bill in a can. Never thought to see a “Melbourne” cafe in Dubai. T&S, a great place to start the day!

tomandsergwallDDL*blackboard wall at Tom & Serg in Dubai*

** Oh, I’ve got one last thing to say before I go, just a small note….**

Today it is *Day 8 in December* and I will post a GIVE AWAY this afternoon right here on the blog! Yep, I am!

After all, it’s the festive month of the year!

See you shortly!

Maureen xx

One thought on “*Day 6 & 7 in December *

  1. Tammy

    I like the looks of T&S. You’ll have to take me there next time we are in Dubai. I look forward to seeing what others have to share about their homes. Mine is a big ol mess so I need to get to cleaning things up around here if I am gonna share anything at all. And also will soon post on my blog about TMH and a link to the website. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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