*Day 8 in December* ~ Christmas Countdown Calender – GIVE AWAY!

giveaway DDL2013


It’s the holiday season and I feel like sharing!

2 of my Daydream Living readers can win something that smells good and looks pretty as well.

This is not a sponsored give away, just me wanting to share one of my favourite things. Since moving to Dubai, I have found this great company named ‘The White Company-London’. When we lived in Switzerland I didn’t know this store. But their name alone made my head turn when I saw it (I love white in all shades and forms to use in my house). So naturally I had to see what they sell, and boy, I was hooked!

We use many items from The White Company, {click to see the store} fragrance sticks, body lotions, hand washing gels, room sprays, soaps, childrens pj’s, pillow covers, I love it all. Good quality and pretty to look at. Our guests love these products too, we have them in the guest bathroom, so they all buy their own stock of loveliness to take home. And now you can enjoy their products as well!

Because I’m giving away 2 items from the Wild Mint series!

* 1 Peppermint & White Tea Hand lotion1 Peppermint & White Tea Hand wash *

All you have to do is guess what the sentence is in my Christmas Countdown Calender. Under each number there is one letter, making it a sentence of 25 letters.

The first five numbers, I already opened for you, so it’s easy peasy now. And the reason why you ONLY CAN ENTER BY EMAIL is simple. If everyone can read what the person before them wrote, well, it would not be much of a guessing game.

So, think away, shoot me an email at daydreamliving@gmail.com with only your name and answer (not your address) and who ever are the winners, I will mail you two back to ask for your details.

*Entry is open worldwide and closes on Sunday 22, December 2013, at Dubai time 10am*

The 2 winners will be picked by hand, by my lovely assistants, daughter one and two. Yep, we do it the old fashion way and voila! You’ve got yourself a lovely Holiday gift!

Have fun with it and I’m looking forward to read all your guesses!


Maureen xx

One thought on “*Day 8 in December* ~ Christmas Countdown Calender – GIVE AWAY!

  1. Mariette's Back to Basics

    Dearest Maureen,
    You sound like over the moon with the discovery of this neat store. Lovely fragrant candles too… So many special items.
    I had to laugh though with the fragrant Winter candle for Dubai!
    Hugs to you,


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