“I couldn’t help but wonder…”


Handmade in Dubai – Love hanger with name in Arabic


Today is “Love You Day” – that’s how my youngest named Valentines Day. I like the sound of this better actually. Even if it’s just a change of words, they speak loud & clear.

What is it that makes some words, either spoken or written, stay lingering inside your head? Some words you just forget within moments. Not to be remembered anymore. But sometimes, words written in the right order, spoken in just the right tone, can make you stop and think.

Last week I was watching some old episodes of one of my favourite series, SATC. The Girls were talking and laughing and being their usual selves. I’ve seen all the episodes many times but the words can still make me laugh, think, and even choke up (again). How powerful they are, words. In my eyes, the writers behind the show truly created some TV magic.

In one particular episode, 3 words were key players. Sweet as they can be, they were written in chocolate on a cookie. A big one. Three little words, one big impact on a relationship. They usually mark the beginning of a new and wonderful time. But in that episode, they were the beginning of the end. (And if you – like me – are a Big Fan, you already know what the words are, right?)

I. Love. You.

3 simple, yet powerful words. And since today is “Love You Day”,

I couldn’t help but wonder…

How are you going to say these 3 words to your loved ones?

If nothing comes to mind, or you don’t want to say them out loud, you can always write them on a card.

Or on a cookie.

Have a lovely Love You Day!

Maureen xx


* For the non-fans: SATC is short for Sex and the City – The title is Carrie’s classic way of starting a sentence in many episodes – The Cookie was Robert’s gift to Miranda.

* The name in the photo, written in Arabic is Marielle (Jongmans), “our” Dutch marriage officiant, who we just Love! 


4 thoughts on ““I couldn’t help but wonder…”

  1. Tammy

    That pendant is lovely. I gave Sam Snickers hearts this morning — his favorite candy bar. And just realized I didn’t give Zack the M&M’s I bought. Will have to go dig them out of the cupboard. We did a whole bunch of nothing today. We walked but didn’t leave the house otherwise. Sam said his stomach was bothering him. I made Chinese ginger soup for lunch. And Aztec soup for supper. :) It’s been a relaxing day. Hope yours was too. Hugs, Tammy

  2. Dee

    Even though those words are in a card, or hearts can be stamped all over the gift bag that I stuffed something in, on Valentine’s day or any other day for that matter, I have no problem telling my husband how much I love him. I like to remind him of the special place he holds in my heart.


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