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white and a bit of colour

Oh my good socks,
the days are moving waaaayyy too fast!
They are mostly filled with:
All things wedding related  
(yep, we are in full planning mode here already for our wedding celebration in October, 
right here in Dubai, more soon about this)

All things how-to-make-your-house-a-home related
(think new furniture and big empty walls, 
but I’m slowly but surely making this our 8th home, will show some photo’s soon)

All things kiddo’s related 
(school activities and social lives)
All things lovely visitors related
(so far every month, which is great but time flies more those days)
I truly believe that time is flying too fast lately.
And what do our coloured sofa cushions in the photo have to do with this post?
Absolutely nothing.
I just wanted to show them to you, I have more photo’s coming up soon of what this place looks like,
the place we call our (new) home. And we all love being here, so that’s a good thing.
The cushions are inspiring me to paint one of the big empty walls in the living area,
so today I will see which paint colour is coming home with me.
But first, I have a coffee catch-up date with a fellow blogger, Lisa, 
who I have met last year when we moved here. We live in the same area, go figure!
Sweet Laura introduced me to her, thanks again!
(Who knows if we can meet in May? I happen to be in London then.)
Yes, meeting another blogger in real life is so fun.
I have met Tammy, who lives in Kuwait, twice here in Dubai and we all loved her from the start!
(and yes Tammy, the boxes in the hallway are gone, took your advice, cheers!)
So for now, I’ve got to love you and leave you,
thanks if you are still reading along, 
see you soon!
Oh, and if you look on the bottom of my blog, there is an Instagram slideshow 
of photo’s taken with my Iphone,
so you can have a peek into my daily things.
Bye for now!
* the linen cushions are from Zara Home Dubai *


Conversation snippet from this week:

“If you were born a boy, you’re name would be Charlie”.

“Charlie?! Mmmh….. or Jibreel….. or Achmed!”

“Eh….. or Achmed…..”

Almost 6 months we are living in Dubai now and our youngest daughter is talking about names we normally don’t hear.
She even pronouns the ‘ch’ in Achmed with a perfect accent.
Amazing how fast adaption to a different environment can be.

Dubai is a city filled with contradictions.
Colours in interiors versus desert sand coloured houses.
Very rich and very poor people walking the same streets.
Bright lights, big city yet it maintains a small city feeling in so many neighbourhoods.
The list is long and divers and it makes this city a vibrant place to be.
I’m glad we are living here and soaking it all up!

Our apartment is still in need of some more decoration, so when I headed to the bookstore this weekend,
to by a present, I found a great book, full of inspiring photo’s and texts.
And you know when I like something, I like to share it.

Marrakech by Design is filled with colours. But even a white interior lover like myself have to say,
I really like this book! It gave me great inspiration to combine with my white interior, so I bought it as well. It’s filled with great decorating tips and how to’s. I already changed some small things around here, that’s how inspired I am. And the beautiful photo’s give you a peek inside homes filled with Morrocan styles.
You can also go to Maryam’s blog, My Marrakech, her online store Red Thread Souk,
or visit her boutique hotel in Marrakech if you always wanted to go there, Peacock Pavilions.

Yes, we are influenced already by some Arabian names, colours and styles.
And that’s how we roll lately, mixing it all up.
Just the way I like it.

See you soon!


Beach morning in Dubai

A very calm Arabian Gulf with a dusty horizon.

Empty hotel beach chairs, waiting for guests.

Prints from the local beach birds.

Just 3 shots from the start of a day,
on a beach in Dubai.

More words tomorrow, but for now,
sleep well dear blog readers.


{Soul food}

The whole day I have a song in my head….
It kept going over and over in my mind, do you have that too?

“Birds flying high… You know how I feel… Sun in the sky… You know how I feel…”
It’s Feeling Good from Nina Simone.
Such a great song to sing out loud while nobody is listening.
While I’m feeling good, I thought, that’s me feeding my soul with something I like to do.
(I love to sing, but honestly, it’s really crappy what I do…. I can not sing a perfect note to save my life).
Soul feeding stuff.
That’s what this is.
It can be something small, like singing a song.
Even seeing a gorgeous photo that will make you smile,
or a friendly chat with someone on the street.
It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as you are feeling good,
you are feeding your soul and giving yourself some positive energy.
Cause let’s face it, the world these days has already enough negative and disturbing energy as it is….
So some Soul Food posting will swing it’s way some more again into my blog with simple photo’s or quotes. 
I used to share more positive postings, like the one about That Special Word.
Or the one about Spreading Kindness in New York City.
And since I think we can never have to much happy in our lives, let’s make some more!
First up, Soul Food nr. 1 – What is Love?

Yes, Love has many ways of showing itself.
Caring is one part.
Let’s spread some Love people!
* If you want to listen to Nina’s gorgeous song, click {here}
* Read about a special word? click {here} 
* Watch how kindness is spread in NY city? click {here}
See you soon!

The first one this year… {cover your ears}

** {a real warning alert: do not continue reading if allergic to babbling}**

{Better late…}

Picture this…

You walk into a party that started five hours ago and everyone is already chatting away and dancing their socks off.
Guess who comes in late, with a Happy New Year!
And no one hears her or even replies back, because they’re all having a good old time…

Yep, that didn’t happen to me, but I’m not five hours late, but 8 days late…
I would bring it with a big smile on my face though, if you want I can even sing
and do a big HNY dance with it?

When is it too late to say these 3 words?
Each one of them are perfectly fine to use separate from each other…
Happy, as in “Woohoo! I’m so Happy!”
Or New, as in  “I need a New bag”
Even Year would be in “that happened last Year”
Well, you get my point….

If you are thinking, “gosh Maureen, a bit late for this….”
Yes, yes, I know….
But hold on to your panties, because
here is my too-late-but-well-meant-wish-for-you-all:

Happy New Year!!
May it bring good health and lots of laughter!

I said it.

Hello? Anyone still reading?

{13 is the new…}

13 is the new hot number this year!
Because this whole year we will be using it a lot.
Even though no such number exists in elevators here in Dubai, I guess.
Or number 26 for that matter….

I think its a cool number, 13, kind of a “Here I am world, ha!”
So this is my way of saying, Hello 2013!

If only we could send out a letter to an official Year Office.
The YO office, sounds even cooler.
Like children do when they want a new toy (or baby brother), they have someone to send their letter to.
You know who….
(No, not Voldemort…. please!)
Santa Claus, of course.

So if kiddo’s can send out letters with wishes, why can’t we?
If it was possible, I would definitely write a New Years Letter to the YO.
My letter would start with:

Hello Team YO 2013,
A Happy New Year to you! (I know, so not original but effective right? )
I hope you will be treating us as good as your colleagues did in 2012?
They were really good to us and filled our year with lots of good surprises!
Health wise it would be really kind of you, if you could help my dad get 
his strength back some more, you see, 2012 wasn’t doing a good job on that front, 
so thanks in advance!
Also, if not too much to ask, could you ease up with the rain in Holland? 
Really appreciate it, thanks!
I will leave you alone now, I know how busy you guys are in the beginning of the year and all…
Take care now!

Perhaps I should stick with my daily prayers…


Are you still reading?
I know I have to stop now, honestly, sometimes I can go on and on… talking I mean….
Also I have to use the restroom (a.k.a. toilet), I know, totally not relevant to this post,
but hey, this is what I would say to you if you where sitting next to me.

So, Welcome to another fresh year of blogging the Maureen way!
Where I sometimes talk a whole lot and sometimes not so much.

okay, serious need for that restroom now…

See you soon and thanks for reading along!
(oh, and if you are new to this blog: Hi! What’s your name? Welcome to Daydream Living!)